Brett Alan is an up and coming American singer, songwriter and recording artist. His style is best described as country rock. His music seeks a fusion between new age country, a hint of that old country sound, blended with a little rock and roll. Brett has managed to keep the muse alive with the release of his third and latest album, self titled "Brett Alan." His latest album speaks to his roots and growing up in the ranch lands of the Nebraska Sand hills. The first single released from the album, "You're My Favorite Song", has found radio airplay with both mainstream and independent radio stations.


-"An incredible band with a great amount of talent and deserve more airplay."   Seamus J. Mackie, DJ Elite Country Radio 
-"Love Brett Alan And The CRB Band. Great bunch of musicians."  Paul Mac/MacPacMusic Inc                                               
-"With the competition in country music today, this band brings an energy to their music that will go over with any crowd, whether in the bar rooms or the concert halls.  Definitely a band to keep your ear tuned to."    Brent (Bubba) Burris, host of A Day To Nashville Radio 
- "An amazing local talent.  We play his music on the radio not because he is from our area, but because the music stands on it’s own and is as good or better than most of the songs that are out there."   Jesse Stevens, Radio Manager Coyote Country


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